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Change and Culture Consultancy

What would it mean if you could get behind the scenes of people's resistance to change?

What if you could discover what's really stopping people living the values they themselves helped to define?

To do this, we need to take a new approach - one based on facts, not theories; principles, not models.

Contact me to schedule a conversation that could change how you do change, forever.

Leadership and Team

What's getting in the way of you leading the way you know you can?  
The answers to that question will often point to external factors such as internal politics, time pressures and fire-fighting.  

We'll go beyond that to the source of leadership and show you what can happen when you start to understand what's really going on - for yourself, your team,  and everyone around you.  

Contact me if you'd like to rise above the noise and unleash your inner leader.

Resilience and Clarity

What if resilience and clarity are built in to the human design?

What if you could transform your relationship to stress, anxiety and overwhelm, and no longer feel at the mercy of the circumstances you're facing?

What if you could reclaim your headspace?

That's what's on offer through being in this transformative conversation.  
You'll find courses and information about one-to-one coaching programmes on this site, or contact me for a free, confidential conversation.

“I’ve naturally dropped a whole lot of intellectualising and analysing, and gained a lot more headspace (and time) in its place. People comment on the way I remain calm or grounded when others are flying off the handle. As an HR leader and change professional, this understanding makes a huge difference to my effectiveness in my job and my ability to lead people through change. The simple and practical way that Vivienne shares it makes so much sense to me and has been a game-changer in my work and my life in general. If you get the chance to work with Vivienne, just do it.”

Megan Scott
HR/OD Director, New Zealand

 “Genuinely, this has had such profound effect ... I struggle to believe it has taken to this point in my life to realise that I don’t need to build my resilience or look for coping mechanisms to deal with the stresses of not only my job but home life. To realise that my resilience is already there and has always been and not something I need to learn or develop is such a revelation. Wish I knew this earlier in my life!!!!!!!
I feel so much more at ease. I feel far more comfortable with those uncomfortable feelings. Strangely a close colleague of mine mentioned to me the other that I appeared far more at ease and less frustrated. This changes everything.  I can’t thank you enough.”

Gio Mazza
Operating Unit Manager, NHS Ambulance Service UK

 “I'm very grateful to the deeply calm and wonderful Vivienne for introducing me to this understanding. It has affected my life in profound ways in every aspect. It has liberated me personally and professionally. Professionally, introducing this understanding to my whole company has opened up a remarkable space: for deeper listening to each other, the realisation that we all do have 'separate realities' - no one is right or wrong, we all experience the world differently because our thinking is different - so we don't get bogged down in proving a point, stressing, blaming or taking things personally. It's made an impact on our bottom line too, increasing results and revenue. The freedom, creativity and beautiful feeling this generates in our organisation is hard to describe, very moving and FUN.

Simone Lanham
Founder and Director, Incognito Artists, UK